Service to the Nation

Power 2 Bharat

“NATIONALISM”, is being a responsible citizen of a country, a valued member of the society and a counter to the disruptive forces and a support to nation building. Like us as individuals, a nation too breathes, has limbs, a heart and of course a mind to steer its path to its destiny. We as individuals are cogs in the wheel, without the existence of whom the road to destiny cannot be traversed. As one ponders and mostly do not, about how one can be of significance in this supposedly mammoth task of nation/society building, one is usually disheartened by the scale and to a thinking mind, the enormity of what might seem wrong/not in place be so large, that a certain highly intelligent, counter argumentative pessimism sets in and that defiantly impacts us down to our own individual lives.

Ours can be a journey of significance, not necessarily at a cost of prosperity or steal of power from another to feel all powerful from within, if one sets the agenda onto several small chunks to eat/achieve for when one pursues abundance for the sake of being abundant, the scale includes automatically our own lives, relationships, health, financial prosperity and many a means to divert a good part to the good of many….to the good of the less fortunate….to the good of all spirits, human, animals, plants…to the spiritual aura of people at large and yes to a concept called a nation….where resource maximization and security defines its existence.

Power2 Bharat as a platform aspires to be one small brick in the pillar that holds the structure.
The vision of this platform is a to suggest in all humility that a certain principals dominate our thinking as a society and that the vision be visible at grounds level/ in action to whomsoever be willing to examine the same.

Our guiding principles are

Priority 1 – Value to life first – at a spiritual level

Value to life first – at a spiritual level. Respect for all, protection and service to all and delivery of ones responsibility to come from within as an inner calling and not just thrust on as a part of a structure (society) – a belief in good for all and an opportunity, through clear messaging that one can live a life of abundance and sharing the same is to only increase and yet being responsible also to give back to the structure you originate from in any form possible. Clearly spiritual energy always need to flow back and forth and can never be a one way movement

Priority 2 – Values to India / Bharat

As service to the nation, and not being a citizen who have one way claims to their rights and little attention to their duties. Nation building always happens from grounds up and from the future leaders of the country .To impact the both on school and at home education can set in motion the country first slogan and more such interventions are envisioned to mass effect the thought process in general. The structure that gives us and our families, safety, security and respectful identity - a nation must be above all prioritized.

Priority 3 - Our Family

We will never traverse our journey on earth alone, no matter how much strongly one may feel about it. Family is typically a small group closely bonded together by on overwhelming factor – love, support system, an emotions refuge and mental bonding. Post our beliefs in being a part of a greater spiritual universe, our energy to make our nation a strong, well balanced and prosperous land of opportunities, we then owe to ourselves that we be a productive role play for all whom we consider our family, the blood relations, fraternities, the common cause groups are all definitions of being a family person and must be valued as a key priority in life

Priority 4 – Our Religion

It is well understood over the centuries that the universe/the cosmos is constantly striving to take care of its children - us, the human race and whenever in some part of the world, was there abundance of pain and despair, the universe sent in an avatar of a mahatma to illuminate the darkened souls to be filled up light of knowledge to lead them onto the past of moksha, nirvana, transcendence of the soul and hence it is our sacred duty as humans to always try to access that precious knowledge that the seers of the past have left for us and use it to guide ourselves onto a right path of human evolution. The knowledge that exists in all religion is like a life line for our soul and hence respect for all and an open eyed willing needs to absorb the valuable in all teachings can make the human race go a long way in creating a society truly knowledgeable and secular (at the moment perhaps a misused/ misunderstood word).

Priority 5 – The Me.

A strong duty that we owe to ourselves to be physically, mentally and financially prosperous. A structure in our daily routine then becomes imperative to be able to aggregate such energies that enable us lead a wholesome life. The modern science and the systems of ancient India have overflowing coffers of knowledge, if set into a practical order can transform our lives. As one traverses from level 1 to 4 as mentioned above, the inner peace, self-centeredness becomes so high that in most cases a sense of quiet confidence can be achieved, a body, mind ready to then accept more interventions to enable overall success.
POWER2BHARAT has specific programs and a sequence in mind to begin this journey on a manageable, structured scale, much thought has gone into the detailing of how the same be executed.
For any one which resonates in passion to the above, a personal meeting, a skype call can be arranged with Mr Sharma himself. The coordination of the same can be done at +91 9971809111.

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