Last month I had requested Sachinn Sir to help me with respect to my career. After the birth of my son I had taken a break of 6 months and I had planned on quitting my career as a lawyer and be a full time mom, but since November 2017 there were repeated signs both spiritually and personally which made me rethink my decision of getting on with my career. Sachinn Sir gave me a few guidelines which included daily mantra chanting and the entire process has worked wonders. I have received a wonderful opportunity from one of the Big 4 as in house legal counsel and I will be joining in a week's time. Thank you so much Sachinn Sir for sharing your knowledge and giving your valuable guidance. Ofcourse everything depends on your belief and trust and I have always been a believer in whatever I choose to practice. Many regards. 
Manoj Sharma
 By Sachin sir's *guidance today got selected for a head of administration position for a media channel All thanks to Sachin sir. 
Ashok Kumar
 Mr. Sharma, I would take this opportunity to admit how your prediction that my fortunes would change for a good from July onwards proved so correct in my case. I met you in June this year and was dealing with a lot of stuff on personal front. But you predicted that my good time would start the next month. And it so happened. Though my company has a policy of promotion in three years, I got it again this after a promotion last year. This despite the fact that my immediate boss told me that promotions were unlikely for anyone. It has further strengthened my belief in numerology and you. 
Zain Ahmed
 Hello everyone, wanted to share a good news and thank Sachinn Sir for his guidance. I got to know that I have been promoted as a manager. Sir told me a year ago to stay on in my company (E&Y) and things will work out for the best Feel really blessed and do see how the rituals suggested work for us. Regards Zain. 
Manoj Sharma
 This programme answered my main question to myself “ Why this happens to me”. Got my answer today. I am glad I could make to this program today and many thanks for your support and guidance sir. 
Madhav Entrepreneur
 Thank you Sachinn Sir. Today's seminar was inspiring and answered almost all the questions I had in mind. Will follow every step which you have told us today. Looking forward for more seminars... 
Pranav Chauhan
 This is an inspirational programme by Sachinnji. It takes your life to whole new levels. I have had my share of experiences within 1 week of this programme. 
Ranjot Singh Uppal
 Yesterday's session was truly exceptional... Surely the one-day session ended with lots of learnings and the new Life started in a positive way... This one day was a blessing as if God's messenger met us to show us a path which was never seen till yet. Thank you so much...👍 
Gautam Biskarma
 I missed the session today and I know what I missed. After going through all the feedbacks I really wish I was there. Next time we will surely meet🙏🙏 I am a big big fan and follower of Sachinn Sir as my life completely changed after meeting him. 
Nitin Sharma
 This session make us more determined and positive towards our goals.  
Ashwinder Raj Singh
 We are all very big fans coolers and ac’s of Sachinn 👍 
Akhil Goyal
 Excellent session.. m great fan of our Sachin sir now 👍👍 
Ankur Gupta
 Great Session ( Crisp Refresher with a flavor of changes coming and impact ) followed with Fellow members networking... Overall Great value for time... don't miss it next time 🙏🏼 
Yeshvir Singh
 Once Again it was a good session, I got better understanding about Zen Like meditation. Reiteration of the Universal Laws gave me more positive energy and motivation. Also Securing our environment and Technology is a good take away from today’s session. Thank You, God!!! 
Sonia Sood
 It was good to reconnect with the concepts though I've been practicing very little. Today's session has made me determined to practice at least one concept seriously. Secondly, I could also see this as a great networking platform which could help the participants. Looking forward to more of these sessions. 
Nidhi Harjaai
 Hi sir! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for making me part of your Agraneeh program. My husband has already attended it and you always insisted that I should also be attending it as to draw maximum benefits from it. When I husband attended it 2 months back, there were many things related to Vaastu he told me to change in our that time I didn’t take him seriously but now after attending this program,I truly realise its real importance. Now I know 40 mins of prayers n chants can do wonders in your life. Its truly a life transformation program and I feel everyone should do it as couple to get maximum benefits out of it. Thanks, Sachin Sir once again for pushing both of us to do this program..n making our life much better than before 🙏🏻 
Mihir Kashyap
 Sir u r the smartest of the lot 😎😎 as always 
Vipin Chandra
 Hi guys, Have been following the Agraneeh Man processes for almost 6 months and results have been amazing. Enhanced attention span, focus, energy levels, positivity and more than that the thought process, training the mind to think in a positive manner have resulted in superb progress for me personally as well as professionally. Angels have been of superb help, everytime! Last week, also completed the Money Magnet program. More targeted and enhanced processes to help realise one's manifestations and achieve abundance in life. The overall thinking about money has changed and working really well. I feel more connected with the universe and able to relate with its communique' everytime. Will share more of my experiences later. Thanks to Sachinn sir for the guidance. 👍🏻 
Gautam Biskarma
 My Experience... I would start my experience by thanking Sachinn Sir who has been instrumental in giving a new meaning to my life and will always remain his true follower... He not only taught me the meaning of life but also made me understand the purpose of life... Ever after attending the first workshop I transformed myself into a more disciplined and organised self... From last June, I have been religiously following and practicing his teachings which has not only helped me to gain stability mentally but also financially. God is Great and that is what we know from our childhood but it is the workshop which made me realize how Great is the Almighty. In my manifestations, I wanted to go for foreign tours with my family and the result was so fast I never knew. In May, out of nowhere, we have finalized to send our son who is in Class 6 to Singapore on educational trip. I am sure we as a family will be going soon... Through the workshop I got a mentor and business partner in @⁨SSS TAM Wnc Tarun Ratra⁩. Both being Agraneeh Men, we immediately struck the chord and are working together... I would suggest and request each and every member to practice what has been taught and believe that there is abundance in the universe... Once again special thanks to Sachinn Sir🙏🙏 
Dipak Phulara
 Good Evening Everyone, My name is Deepak and I work in the Treasury Department of a company. I have attended 'The Agraneeh Man', 'Angels Invocation' and recently 'The Money Magnet' programme. Today I am sharing the rewards/benefits that I have received after attending the above programmes... 1. My Energy levels are high throughout the day, I have become more focussed and my attitude has also become positive... 2. There was a substantial payment which I was due to receive during November but the same was not being released by my office due to some reason or other. I had waited for 2 months, then all of a sudden I thought lets invoke Angels. Last Thursday i. e. 11 January 2017, I invoked Arcangel Sandalphone and next day by 3.00 p.m. I got the news that the file has been approved and payment is being released immediately... 3. Two days back on 13 January 2018, I attended the 'Money Magnet' programme. I gained immense knowledge about 'How to attract and retain money'. Now I am sure that I will fulfill all my dreams. One more thing I would share, I didn't had the money to pay for the programme. But when I decided that I have to attend the programme, I received the money from one of the unexpected sources that I had forgotten... I would like to thank Sachinn Sir for allowing me to attend the programmes. I would suggest every one to attend 'Angels Invocation' and 'The Money Magnet' programme.They will benefit you immensely. Thank You  
Ankur Gupta:
 I highly recommend, Must attend to change money destiny💰💰👌  
Vedi Chugh
 Hi... it's a beautiful course... shouldn't miss it if one is facing some serious financial situation. I have done it myself and it works. Thank you so much Sachin Sir for providing amazing knowledge 🙏🙏🙏 
Ankur Sharma
 Mr Sharma, it was a great session. Glad to have attended the session  
Sanjay Gupta
 It was an eye-opening program and I am happy I was able to be a part of it today. 
Ashwinder Raj Singh
 Sachinn - great service to Mankind - we are so grateful for Your mentoring / I have been missing the classes. 
 I would like thank Sachin Sir for fabulous teaching through Agraneeh workshop, I am reaching each of my milestones ( one at time) and coming out from a dead end situation to multiple openings for betterment of my life.... cheer 
Zain Ahmed
 Very good morning everyone, I am Zain Ahmed working as a senior consultant in EY. It’s been a little over a month since I attended the Agraneeh Man workshop and I feel compelled sharing the rewards & benefits I have experienced... 1. My energy levels throughout the day is filled with positivity which has resulted in a lot of appreciation at work and from my team mates... 2. I have started receiving abundance of money and was recently gifted with gold through a very unexpected medium... 3. Doing the chakra exercises everyday gives me a strong belief of being confident, lucky and ability to speak with conviction. I recently was able to conduct workshops for over 100 employees which was well appreciated and have never done anything like that before... 4. Also after my angel invocation program last night two good news have come in regarding an ongoing negotiation and job opening for family member. I know it sounds amazing but it’s really true... There are other good luck instances and signs I have experienced which I cannot express as the message will get really long. My suggestion to everyone is to HAVE belief and one MUST implement the training given by Sir. God bless everyone and have a great day ahead. 
Kamal Kishor
 My experience was also very good. Every one should do. 
Dipak Phulara(VR)
 Sachinn Sir Thank you for conducting the Angels Invocation workshop. I always wanted to learn about the Angels. Infact I was so curious to learn about Angels that I reached the venue one and half hour before the scheduled time. Yesterday's workshop gave me an opportunity to learn and connect with Angels. Now, I have an Angel to help me in all the areas of life. Thank you once again Sachin Sir. 
Manish Beliram
 Sachinn sir you are the best as friend as mentor 🙏🙏 
Bobby Silver
 Dear sachinn you were a friend, but now you are my mentor. Thank you for opening my eyes.i was blank but now the door's are opening.proud of you and to be a part of The Agraneeh Man. Thank you chief. 
Deepak Naik
 Dear sir, Yesterday I attended your seminar after forcefully preasure from my dear friend Mr. Tarun. It was his personally touching force that thing will change after attend the attending the is really true and i am humble thankfull to Mr Tarun and Mr Sachin for giving a unique path. I started the work chart as per the guidance. It is true valuable experience which can't express. Only the last think it work...🙏🙏 
Rachna Kodesia
 Awesome session, very empowering, thank you so much 🌹🌹  
 Good Morning... I am Poornima Singh (Homemaker) Yesterday on insistance of my husband i attended the seminar conducted by Mr Sachin Sir... i would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Sachin Sir for imparting such a great knowledge and making all of us aware the true value of life... yesterday experience was nontheless eye opener for me and my well bein. Mr. Sachin Sir is a person of such great and valuable knowledge and the way he share his knowledge is so recommendable that you feel a totally change person just after the seminar... I did my 1hr session today and i felt so light and good. I felt so positive. Yesterday while coming back from seminar I saw 444 which says angels surronds you... feels like a magic... Last but not the least thanks a ton Mr Sachin Sir. You are truly making changes in people's life.☺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 
Suresh Kumarr
 To attend the seminar is the first step to take the right step in our life and attending the refreshing course is the navigation whether we are in the right path or needs some corrections on it. Thanks again for this refreshing course.🙏🙏 
 Sachinn very reinforcing and enlighting as helps us know what we were not doing right. Thanks for Rejuvenating 
SSS TAM Archana
 I have to thank Sachinn ji for organising an impromptu refresher course at his residence on Saturday. I felt that I needed the refresher workshop to get back on course of action. After attending my first the workshop in August, I followed Sachinn ji' s advice to the for a few days and then lost grip on things. The refresher workshop forced me to have a relook at what was blocking my journey to abundance and correct it. These refresher workshops are very useful and boost the sagging grip on oneself. They help the kick start the I AM IN CONTROL AND I AM IN JOY process again with renewed energy. Thanks a lot, Sachinn ji. I recommend these short workshops to get back on track. 
 It was a nice experience today. Thanks 
Tarun Ratra
 Sachinn ji Great job done. 🌻🌈  
Dushyant Manuja
 Hello everyone and Sachinn ji Just wanted to share my experience in 3 hrs journey to and fro to karolbagh, I have nearly seen. All the numbers on cars from 000 to 999 except 666. And I was amazed, then I had see the meanings of all the numbers from your notes and it was wow!! And to have ice on the cake as I reached my complex, I had seen a good black feather. Just putting some pics, which I clicked from my car. thanks sachinn ji 
 Yeah Sachin, this is with one of the largest Banks based out of Singapore, as Head of Digital Banking Product, almost through, have one round of discussions tomorrow with one of the global heads. Interestingly post Sachin's program some of these have just opened, am now getting a number of international calls. 
Akhil Goyal
 Gud morning everyone.. Have a wonderful day. Thank u sir for yesterday's seminar. 
Dushyant Manuja
 Thank you so much sachinn, sir, It was a wonderful experience and to be followed by every one of us for our betterment 
Sumit Harjaai
 Thanks, Sachinn ji Despite of my excuses you stood firm and made me attend this session of your. This is the trigger that we all were missing. Thanks once again and we will try to meet more frequently. 
Ashwinder Raj Singh
 Hi Ashwinder Raj Singh here - Thanks Sachin for everything. Grateful always for opening the right doors. I am blessed to have attended this session along with my spouse. I will make it a point to attend the refresher also. Regards 
Dalip Mehra
 Awesome experience... would encourage others to take the benefit  
KK Baxla
 I have seen the impact of his predictions and solutions change my life. He is an excellent guide to all decisions that need to be made from time to time. Thank you sir...  
Amitabh Pandey
 A lazy Sunday well utilized. I feel privileged enough and more than willing to participate going forward in all your endeavors Sachinn Sir. While coming back from the seminar I resolved to contribute to the Nisst foundation in my limited capacity. Here's pledging INR 10000/- for the Navratra initiative. Sir, Will connect 1on 1 for the same. 🙏🙏👍 
Nitin Sharma
 Positivity Enhanced. Today after attending my second workshop I realize how important it is to meet sachinn sir at regular intervals. Because in every workshop something new is to gained for betterment. Its an workshop to revive and I am lucky that I attend.Thanks sachinn sir. 
Goutam Bishwakarma
 My 2nd workshop today enhanced what I learned and was practicing after that. I personally think that attending such workshops at regular intervals will simply help one to connect with his soul and become a man with a reason/purpose. Thank you Sachinn for your never-ending efforts to change this world 🙏🏻🙏🏻 
Ankur Gupta
 Thank you Sachinnji for your teaching, Wish you Happy Teacher's Day 
Deepak Khera
 Sachinn... exactly one week after I attended your programme and practicing your mantras, I have got a new contract and am very happy about it. I thank you for everything. 
 Thanks a lot Sachhin Sir... The last day session was really very interesting and It was a eye opener for me. It was a life changing experience and I will surely implement the way u taught us last day how to live the life in this Universe and how we can connnect our self with the blessings of the universe and purify our soul for this as well as other lifes... Really thanks a lot... Keep Cherishing & stay blessed 👍 
 Thank you Sachinn Sir, the session today brought in a lot of clarity on what I must do to live a better life and elevate my soul to higher level by keeping my karma of this life on the right track. The exercises done during the session made me feel more positive and energised. I intend to follow your advice and live a life of abundance, be it wealth or peace. A real eye opener vis a vis relationships, now I know exactly what to do to heal the relationship. Thank you for the wonderful workshop, I hope to be a more loving , caring and respectful human being. 
Jyoti Agarwaal
 Thank you so much Mr.Sharma for sharing this wonderful knowledge with us today through "The Agraneeh Man Journey" program. I feel strong, positive, enthusiastic and Empowered within. I would recommend everyone to attend this programme.. for a better life..better society and a better world. God bless you 
Stu Sanjiv kap
 Sachinn... its a new way of life. Have started practicing a new way of life. Feeling positive, feeling energetic above all a new direction to the journey of the soul. The pecuniary benefits are a byproduct of the above. Thanks 
Nitin Sharma
 Good morning everyone today I want to share my Agraneeh programme experience. Guys I met Sachin sir in march 2016 Sachin sir told me to do money magnet 8programme but I dont have money for it but I manage and do money magnet 8programme. Every 2 -3 months I met Sachinn sir and told him sir nothing happen. Sir I am frustrated . But what my biggest mistake is that I am following money magnet programme but I am not seeing my manifestation book daily. Then comes the day in june 2017 I met sachinn sir told him sir kuch nahi ho raha sir told me Nitinn u have aura u just attend agraneeh programme and all will be fine and that happens I went there attend the programme and my life changed. i realize my mistake we have to do the programme but to see our manifestation book is most important. u all wont believe when I went there i have lot of credit cards outstanding sum upto 10 lakhs but today my credit cards outstanding is zero. That yellow paper red pen technique of sir is a masters stroke..How can a guy with ritz car have the confidence to go to Mercedes showroom take a test drive this is what sachinn sir gives me the confidence. Sachinn sir really really very thankful to u. Also ur numerological calculations are so correct that u told me in may that in Aug a lot of money comes to u and this happens. U r the master of ur field. Meet u soon but this time only to thank u . I know this is a big msg but today I cant control my hands to wrote this. Thank u sir thanks a lot Ab mazaa aa raha ha life me. 
Dr Patro
 That's what workshop and videos and inspirational things are done to reinforce and convince thyself for self-belief and for elevating the soul  
Tarun Ratra
 Thanks a lot, sir sometimes it happens when you are going to such situations and angels give the solution thru persons like you. Once again thanks a lot.  
 Sachin sir has always been a guide to me whom I could open my heart to. His sessions always pull up my energy .while attending this session on I felt more focused and determined to transform my life without doubt and with no limits. Though I'm a person who doesn't go to any astrologer or believes any predictions but Sachin sir is really different than all. 
Kulbir Singh Kharbanda
 Getting the most out of life, isn't about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others. In deep gratitude we thank you Sachinn Ji, for enlightening the flame within us. 
Rahul Tyagi
 Sir, it was a remarkable session conducted by you in a seamless and easy manner. Now it is up to to the team members to follow the guidelines and make their lives better and joyful. Thanks Again 
Rahul Jatin
 Sunday session was an amazing & life changing. I feeling more confident and positive about life now. Today itself while going to my cafe I saw 2 angel numbers...what a great start...Thanks, Sachin sir for such a valuable insight about life...looking forward for a great time ahead 
Vedi Chugh
 It really was an experience which I can't express in words. It was really nice meeting everyone with different backgrounds but one motivation. And only Sachin Sharma sir could have done it. From the beginning till d end same enthusiasm and energy level. Thank you so much, sir 🙏🙏🙏 
Salil Gupta
 To be surrounded by so many like-minded souls was one thing but then the caliber of the teaching was the other!! An outstanding workshop 👌- full of energy and enthusiasm👍 - never ever got an opportunity in the past to attend the same - brilliant and breathtaking experience ‘🙌it is rare to find a presenter who not only has expertise but who also models the strategies when presenting, am still unfolding all the knowledge I have gained - thanks again - 🙏  
Arun Ratra
 Sachinn Ji Thanks to God and thanks to you. Since now I was working in a very haphazard manner. but since Monday I m feeling calm and cool. One more thing you have created a Big family now early morning when we are doing exercise and mantra we recall you. so, in turn, your clientage list is increasing we you must have mentioned on your yellow sheet. 
Mahima Kumari
 Hi! I'll like to share my experience of yesterday with Dr. Sss. He's a very inspirational speaker and a practical orator. The experience was mindblowing, the simplicity of exercise taught to us by him was very enriching. Today I did "HAR" invocation loved it, the day went very peacefully. Could feel the presence of goddess Laxmi Ji. I Thank Dr sss for sharing his great wisdom. 
Adarsh Awasthi
 It was indeed an eye-opening seminar. The purpose of finding myself was fully achieved through this educative session. Thanks once again. My wife too has felt the content life altering. 
Prince Singhal
 The pure and equanimous state which is devoid of ego sense and non-ego sense, of the real and the unreal, where mind or the notions cease to exist, is the unbroken witness consciousness, a state attained by liberated sage.