Sachinn S Sharma - Numerologist, Vastu Specialist

  • Sachinn S Sharma - Numerologist
    CHIEF MENTOR, "Agraneeh" Individual / family Transformation program.
  • CHIEF MENTOR, Money Magnet 6
    Attracting, financial abundance.
  • CHIEF MENTOR - Power magnet
    High energy sustained = manifestations achieved.
  • Power magnet - Power onto the young
    Power magnet - Power onto the young for class 10th, 12th, College & 1st job entrants.

Numerology & Vastu Consultation

Remedies for self and family + Energy flow check of home/office ...

Money Magnet 6

A program by invitation to learn money frequency attraction. Attract and sustain.

Power magnet

The science and training to manifest your dreams into reality.

Agraneeh Empower

Evolving into an empathetic, strong willed mentor who leads himself and his loved ones to success, wealth and a good life.

Business management with Numerology

Family business empire, entrepreneurs, large enterprises... the cutting edge for all.

Your Karmic Life Path - The Book

Personalized 100 pager of your entire life with recommended solutions.

Training and Online Education programs

Business Management with Numerology.

Certified Powered Gems

Learn and know the numbers to empower your life and many more certifications ahead...